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Kark Rasi (Karkatak) (Cancer Sign) 12222 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

This all makes them appear truly attractive upon land. The female natives of Pushya Nakshatra are perceived to be true loving at heart and are the strong believers of morals and ethics at the core for which they always perceive to do well to others and prefer to walk upon the path of righteousness.

These women of Pushya Nakshatra are highly sensitive and vulnerable from inside for which they receive all the impacts from the outer world and so on could be taken towards any direction upon land. This makes them unknowingly available for being used by others and so on they could also be suppressed by many around. The female individuals of Pushya arena are believed to be truly friendly in their approach towards the world but are quiet reserved at the core and always carry a humanitarian attitude besides which they are strong peace loving people and always look for the harmony besides them but they are quiet moody personas who could appear completely unpredictable at times.

Basic information about Pushya Birth Star

These natives of Pushya Nakshatra are endowed with immense sincerity and determination but this all doesn't defend them from the hurdles and impediments coming from different directions. These natives of Pushyami Nakshatra carry a spiritual blend too upon their personality and deeply believe upon the divine existence.

కర్కాటక రాశి-పుష్యమి నక్షత్రం - Karkataka Rasi Pushyami Nakshatram - Karkataka Rasi - Yoga Manjari

They are believers of peace upon land but do not see much peace around in their life. In the end, these natives lack the required strength to lead a strong walk which further makes their life path much fluctuating and keeps them unstable at mind. The Pushya natives are endowed with strong intellect and intelligence upon land and are the seekers of knowledge for which they could be seen as learned personals upon land besides this they are endowed with the good potential to pursue all sorts of work in a productive way which further makes them appear strong at the professional side.

But, these people lack at the stability on account of the immense freedom they always look for and so on this becomes their weak point at this place. On the other hand, if these people of Pushyami Nakshatra would understand and would use their intellect instead of going according to others wish than they would reach really high upon land and could stand upon the supreme ladder if they would try to become stable on their professional walk.

These females would see much fluctuations in the age of 15 and 16yrs while the further path till 33yrs will possess some hurdles besides which they would start truly growing after that as the hurdles would reduce. They could earn well from lands and construction arena or could also be seen in the profiles of secretaries or some important government sectors. Agriculture could also be a part. The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are perceived to be obedient and sincere at home who would obey all the words of their parents but their would be much difficulties in their life during their childhood.

When it comes to their marital life their would always be some hurdles in their conjugal path with special reference to the differences in the spouses.

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These women of Pushyami Nakshatra would stay loyal to their husbands but they won't understand their wives and will keep on mistaking them for variant things. Their life could become more difficult due to much dominance of their husbands and for this they should stand somewhat strong at home and do not let their husbands dominate much over them. The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are perceived to confront some health hurdles too in their life path while their childhood walk would possess much of them.

These would include tuberculosis, breast cancer, jaundice, bruises, eczema, gastric problems, ulcer, and some respiratory problems. Get the detailed Astrology reports, readings, solutions and remedies provided by our celebrity astrologers after careful analysis of your birth chart No computer generated reports are provided.

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