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You could also make a mint from a digital venture this year, thanks to Jupiter energizing your tech sector too. Move over, Silicon Valley gazillionaires! Your love story will be sensual, spicy AND adventurous in Curb those compulsive Scorpio urges—and the attraction to danger—or you could get into more trouble than you care to handle. Two eclipses in Pisces and your romance houses—on March 9 and September 16—could bring swift developments in your love life, including an engagement or pregnancy. Ardent Venus cruises through Scorpio from September 24 to October 20 keeping the heat full-blast this fall.

On September 9, Jupiter floats on to Libra and your healing, transitional twelfth house for a year. Each year, the cosmos gift you a new moon in your sign, a day for hitting the refresh button and planting new seeds. In , the Scorpio new moon falls on October 30 so circle that as a date for initiating big plans. Expect a downpour of results to flood in, a manifestation from the Scorpio new moon that fell on November 11, Get the Horoscope Guide!

Scorpio Horoscope.

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A sneak preview of your horoscope… Plant your feet on solid ground—and stay there a while. October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? Stop focusing on them like, NOW and get yourself some professional help. An interesting counterbalance arrives on October 8 as vixen Venus detaches from the red planet and revs into your sign and first house of independence. Part of you may feel pulled toward soul-merging while another, possibly stronger side is craving personal space and autonomy.

For some, there could be a separation since Mars in the twelfth house can accelerate endings and transitions. Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition This one-day wrench-thrower of a transit could have you running for the exit. Talk it out and find a compromise that works for both of you. Pace yourself this month, Scorpio.

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Leave time for self-care and creative or restorative activities. Your dreams hold special import now and deliver messages for important projects. Head to the museum, an indie movie or a peaceful botanical garden. Let this alone time inspire you. Luckily, some balance is provided by mental Mercury, the planet of communication, which starts an extended trip through Scorpio from October 3 through December 9. Start polishing your social media and front-facing presence.

The October 27 Scorpio new moon is a great launch date for your audacious goals and debuts. People could be flaky or erratic today. Your message could get misinterpreted or lost in the shuffle. Rather than dig yourself in deeper, wait for them to make the next move. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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