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Wassel, Adrian F. Wassel, and Nathan C. Shadow, Ms. We mix it up on R. Out with the old and in with the new as we talk about The Death-Defying Dr. David and Jason recount their HeroesCon experiences and, one of the stars from that very con, titanic Tom Scioli stops by to unleash some Cybertronian wisdom on his Transformers Vs.

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La Mano del Destino's Jason J. Legend in the house! Humberto Ramos, Joe Kubert Vs. Alex Toth, Jack Davis Vs.

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Wally Wood, Will Eisner Vs. Jack Kirby, Bendis Vs. Brubaker, John Byrne Vs. Caesar, writer-artist of Rena Rouge! Mike Norton is in the house! Because this episode was recorded in Mike's house. Marvel 2 and Joe Sinnott, Terry Moore, and a whole mess more! More, too! Tony Fleecs in the hizzy to help us get busy on J.

Goodwin, and a whole mess more! Chris Campbell drops by to fill in for Vince and proceeds to gift the show with tons of comics fun. Chris sits for a spell with Tony and Kara Moore! Y'all should be paying for this level of infotainment! We have coffee talk about comics… and coffee. Tons of Punk Rock Jesus. Ande Parks jumps in and chats about writing, inking, art collecting, Kansas City and much more.

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Shawn Pryor Action Lab, L. Woodward and G. Joe, M. It lives! It strikes! No grave can hold it! The return of the show that nobody asked for… Bullpen Bulletins!

VinceB and David Price talk nothing but Marvel! Clay Moore about lots of stuff, and even more! Jay Tomio instigates our first live-Tweeted episode! Manhattan 1 by J. This week Jason and David go to Six Flags with their favorite parent and talk about a variety of comics goodness. Vince is on vacation so we talk about stuff. Wonder Woman, Jerry "The King"?


Giger, Sienkiewicz, Flash Aaaaaaaaaaah! You'll live. Grab your torches and pitchforks! Okay, maybe not the man in the flesh, but tales about the man and what fans can expect from the upcoming MorrisonCon! C2E2 Tony Moore and moonshine! Charlie Adlard! Skottie Young! Tom Scioli and American Barbarian! Ramon Perez! Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman! Joe Kubert and the Kubert School! Chris Burnham! Jamal Igle! Hilary Barta and Christian Alamay! Jose Gonzalez and Vampirella! John Carter, Warlord of Mars!

Shia Labeouf! Ryan Stegman!

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Will Pfeifer and The Advance Team! Tom Kelly! George Perez! John Byrne! Jeremy Haun!

The Stacks

Robert Atkins! Bill Sienkiewicz! Phil Hester! Jim Cheung! Gordon Purcell! Alfredo Alcala and Voltar! House of Secrets!

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Dylan Dog! Mike Norton! Steve Bryant!

Tim Seeley! Darren Neeley and The Prospector!